Commitment from the CEO

February 2016

To First American’s Clients, Colleagues, and Business Partners –

Thanks to the loyalty and success of our clients, First American delivered its fifth consecutive record-breaking year. I am deeply appreciative of the faith our clients have placed in us. We are working hard to get even better, with new systems and tools to help them further their missions and achieve their goals. Our mission at First American is to grow businesses by passionately and professionally earning long-term relationships. It is rewarding to see our clients thrive, create jobs, educate students and revolutionize healthcare. We are honored to play a small part in their success.

In 2015, First American grew new business volume by 26% to $414.2 million (which is our 3rd straight year of greater than 25% growth) thanks to the hard work and dedication of our growing team. It is truly my privilege to work beside a remarkable group of passionate, ambitious and authentic business professionals. I am grateful for all they do to make our company great; they inspire me to improve each day.

Entrepreneur magazine ranked First American as one of the Top 25 Best Large Company Cultures in 2015. We were also recognized by FORTUNE magazine as one of the top 20 Great Workplaces in Financial Services and among the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials. Achieving these third party accolades can be attributed to the decisions we make every day to treat one another with respect, genuinely care about one another, commit to succeed together and celebrate together. There is no secret sauce; it just takes great people working toward a shared vision.

On a macro level, 2015 marked a noteworthy shift in the evolution of American business. Last year, millennials became the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, surpassing Gen X. Much has been written about millennials in the media, and I find most of the stereotypes are dead wrong. Our early career professionals are hardworking, intellectually curious, technologically savvy, generous, honest and loyal. Like every other generation before, they want to accomplish big things at work and in life. I am honored that so many of them have decided to build their career at First American.

In November, our parent company, City National Bank, merged with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). We are now a small part of one of the finest and strongest financial institutions in the world, reinforcing our ability to serve our valued clients. We have more resources than ever before; the future has most certainly never been brighter.

I am so proud of what our team has accomplished, yet there is much left to be done. I am profoundly excited about the future we are building together.

Alan Sikora, CEO

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