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Healthcare Trends: Healthcare Furniture

Healthcare Trends: Healthcare Furniture


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-Richard Harning, VP and CFO Allegan General Hospital

Many healthcare providers have traditionally used financing as a means to obtain up-to-date medical equipment, technology, and software. Now, with many healthcare furniture enhancements, providers are also turning to funding in order to update their furniture and ensure they are providing the best possible care to their patients. Current trends in healthcare furniture include: 

1. Cleanability 

The current trend is to purchase furniture made from vinyl and polyurethane textiles, which can be easily wiped down and sanitized. This nonporous furniture is key for providers focused on infection control. Bacteria often live in crevices and cracks, so solid, smooth materials are preferred.

2. Sustainability  

It is now standard to design and build environmentally friendly furniture in the healthcare field. Furthermore, investments must be safe and recyclable.

3. Ergonomics 

Since patients and staff come in all shapes and sizes, investments are made in furniture with adaptable features that allow caregivers to customize solutions for their patients, based on their height, weight, strength, and dexterity.

4. Bariatrics 

Bariatric furniture solutions are important today due to the growing number of obese and overweight people in the general population. Old furniture is being replaced with furniture that has a universal design for all sizes and does now segregate patients based on size. Safety is the main consideration when making furniture replacements. 

5. Family Friendly 

Providers are also investing in flexible, adaptable furniture that can comfortably accommodate visitors, families, and children. Top areas of furniture investments include chairs and couches that fold out to sleepers, play areas for children, and flexible common spaces.

Examples of Upgraded or Replaced Healthcare Furniture:

       + Lobby Furniture               + Recliners                     + Elevators 
       + Chairs                               + Beds                            + Sleeper Chairs/Sofa 
       + Benches                            + Exam Tables               + Play Areas 
       + Railing                              + Nurse Stations  

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